Core Technology

RNA Replacement Enzyme

Tetrahymena Group Ⅰ Trans-splicing Ribozyme

Specificity by specific RNA-sensing riboswitch

Efficacy by dual function of RNA-cleavage & transgene induction

Features of Our Platform Technologies

  • Specific targeting of disease-related RNA

    Specific targeting of disease-associated/related RNA

    Targeting of non-druggable target
  • Multi-function of one molecule

    Inhibition of target RAN expression & expression of disease-specific therapeutic gene by one molecule

  • Regulation of therapeutic gene expression

    Regulation of therapeutic gene expression in proportion to target RNA level

    Endogenous cellular RNA expression level
  • Maintenance of expression level

    Maintenance of intracellular therapeutic gene expression via DNA vector as tool

  • High Performance

    High specificity and efficacy, High safety acting w/ its & fidelity, No off-target

  • Modular Engineering

    Modular Engineering Diverse indication, imaging / theranostics / cell therapy

  • Gene editing at RNA level

    Gene editing at RNA level

    Minimization of genome toxicity & eternal genome change

Retaining advantages / Overcoming disadvantages of existing DNA/RNA technologies