Medical unmet needs
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    High mortality rate
    The most common 1 brain tumor (glial cell)
    Malignancy in Central Nervous System
    Average survival rate : 12-15 months, Survival rate for 5 years: less than 3-5%
    Mortality : within a year (50% of patients), within 3 years (90% of patients)
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    Lack of effective therapies
    Standard treatment : aggressive resection followed by radiation with temosolomide (TMZ)
    Median survival rate : Around 15-17 months
    Not complete resection due to Invasive growth, multiple lesions, etc., resistance, side effects, and recurrence
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    In need of new therapies
    Ad-TK alone: safety but low efficacy in Phase III
    Telomerase overexpressed in 85-90% (80% mutant Tert promoter), but tel length heterogeneity including GSCs; poor prognosis Tel inhibitor largely failed in Clinics
    Immune evasion Immune checkpoint inhibitor (side effects, combination treatment)