Ribozyme and omics

Anti-cancer development based on RNA Platform technology Core competence to meet diverse unmet medical needs


Alzheimer's Disease (AD)

Medical unmet needs
  • High patient growth rate

    Annual increase in Alzheimer patients : 10 million

    The number of Alzheimer patients in the world will more than triple in 35 years. (74.7 million in 2030, 131.5 million in 2050)

  • Lack of effective therapies

    Effectiveness : Local and temporary improvement in cognitive function

    Lack of DMST (Disease Modifying / Slowing Therapy) with active therapeutic actions

    Degradation of quality of patient’s life

  • Increased social costs

    Higher cost of illness than other diseases

    The cost of illness will also increase in proportion to the number of patients. (USD 604 bn. in 2010)
    → USD 2 trillion in 2030 (x3)