Ribozyme and omics

Anti-cancer development based on RNA Platform technology Core competence to meet diverse unmet medical needs


Mar 2021 Bridge funding complete (Approx. KRW 10.5bn)
Dec 2020 Selected for Phase 2 of Innovative drug pipeline discovery by the Ministry of Science and ICT (Total governmental funding approx. 2bn)
Nov 2020 Successful completion of TIPS program selected by Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Jan 2020 Participate in Innovative drug pipe line project of Ministry of Science and ICT
Nov 2019 Head Office relocated from Gwangju to Yongin (Dankook Univ.)
Oct 2019 Opening Ceremony of Rznomics Inc. (Oct 2, 2019)
Sep 2019 Series A investment completed - Around KRW 12 bn.
May 2019 Selected for Innovative drug pipeline discovery project by the Ministry of Science and ICT
May 2018 Korean Venture Capital Association corporate certification acquired (May 24, 2018)
May 2018 Research Institute founded and certified (May 21, 2018)
Dec 2017 Seed & Pre-A investment completed - Around KRW 1.2 bn. (Dec 2017 / Jul 2018)
Dec 2017 Selected for TIPS program by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Dec 22, 2017)
Nov 2017 Registered as R&D Special Zone (Gwangju Innopolis) Research Company (Nov 23, 2017)
Oct 2017 Technology and patents transfer from Dankook Univ. (Oct 11, 2017)
Aug 2017 Rznomics Inc. established (Aug 29, 2017)