Ribozyme and omics

Anti-cancer development based on RNA Platform technology Core competence to meet diverse unmet medical needs

RZ-001 Summary

Key Technology
RNA replacement enzyme vector-based anticancergene therapy
Primary Indication
Advanced HepatocellularCarcinoma
HSVTK-Ribozyme basedT/S targeting hTERT
Order of Entry

Key Advantage

  • Acquisition of leads with improved specificity and anticancer efficacy, Optimized dose and route (Hepatic Artery)
  • Scientific proof and evidence of retardation of HCC through in vitro, in vivo, action mechanism
  • Experience of preclinical study and IND approval of hit agent (CRT, prototype)
  • Can be used as a platform technology: Modular engineering → Expand indication

Lead/Candidate agnet

  • Adenoviral vector encoding optimized hTERT-targeting T/S ribozyme

Time Line

Time Table