Rznomics, collaboration with Yonsei Medical Center to develop treatments for incurable diseases.

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Rznomics announced on the 6th that it has signed a business agreement with Yonsei University Medical Center to develop treatments for incurable diseases using RNA-based technology.

The two institutions decided to cooperate on the overall development of treatments, including preclinical and clinical research. It promotes mutual exchange of academic, human, and material resources and technology development.

In particular, it plans to launch a Proof of Concept study to develop a treatment for eye cancer, one of the rare intractable cancers.

Jae-young Choi, head of the industry-academic cooperation team at Yonsei Medical Center, said, "We hope to provide treatment opportunities for patients with incurable diseases with high medical unmet demand through joint research and development of RNA-based gene therapy."

Seong-wook Lee, CEO of Rznomics, said, "It is expected to accelerate new drug development and create synergy effects by combining Rznomics' next-generation RNA-based platform technology with Yonsei Medical Center's latest medical technology and know-how in clinical research."