KDDF, Global Pharmaceutical and Bio Industry Trends - Share the Status of Major Challenges

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The National New Drug Development Project Group (Director Muk Hyun-sang) held the 2023 National New Drug Development Project R&D Workshop at the Yeoju Sun Valley Hotel on February 2 and 3.

About 160 researchers who participated in the newly selected R&D institution under the National New Drug Development Project in 2022 identified the latest industries and research trends and discussed ways to increase the global competitiveness of new drug development tasks.

On the first day, Muk Hyun-sang, head of the business group, announced the "Transformation of Global Big Pharma," conveying the recent industrial trends and suggesting the direction of developing new drugs in Korea in a changed environment.
It was followed by the introduction of the national new drug development project R&D project operation plan and commercialization support project.


Major research projects that received positive responses at last year's workshop were also carried out.
A total of seven new drug development companies (▲Rznomics Co., Ltd., QRIGIN Co., Ltd., IM Biologics Co., Ltd., Uptera Co., Ltd., Wellmarker Bio Co., Ltd., Genome & Company Co., and GI Innovation Co., Ltd.) announced the research status.

In particular, participants exchanged opinions and personal exchanges in various ways at this workshop.

Participants discussed the process of developing new drugs and key issues and solutions under the theme of different substances in the group discussion, and they derived development strategies tailored to global trends and freely talked about the status of individual task research in poster sessions.

The announcement of "National New Drug Development Project Q&A" and "2022 Global Pharmaceutical Bio-Technology Transactions and M&A Trends" was also made, which receive and respond to business-related questions on the spot.

Company researchers who participated in the workshop who performed the project 
"It was a valuable opportunity to look around various research projects, share opinions with new drug development researchers in the same field, and be stimulated," he said. "This exchange will be of great help to the ongoing research on new drug development."