Rznomics, Wins Award for the most Promising Candidates for Genetic Therapy at International Events

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Rznomics announced on the 16th that it won the most promising pipeline award in the gene therapy category at the "Asia-Pacific Cell & Gene Therapy Excellence Awards" (ACGTEA) of the "Cell & Gene Therapy World Asia 2022" (CGTWA 2022) held in Singapore.


CGTWA is an event to share representative technologies of cell and gene therapy.

At the conference which is followed after the award, the "next-generation cell gene therapy" session was announced.


In the presentation, Rznomics explained the current status of candidate substances (pipelines) including trans-splicing ribozyme based gene therapy platform technology and liver cancer therapy currently undergoing clinical trials. As a company with first-in-class platform technology, it presented technological innovation and vision.


Rznomics plans to apply for clinical trials for glioblastoma patients in the United States and Korea in the first quarter of next year. In the second half of next year, the U.S. is also planning to perform clinical trials on hereditary retinitis pigmentosa.


Seong-wook, Lee, CEO of Rznomics, said, "This award will be a great help to executives and employees who have a desire to develop new drugs and those who supported Rznomics," adding, "We will do our best to achieve better results."