[Press released] Rznomics, is accelerating Development of new circular RNA structure technology

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Rznomics announced on the 28th that it has won consecutive orders from the Korea Patent and Strategy Development Institute for IP-R&D Strategy Support Project in response to infectious diseases and the Korea Research Foundation's "2022 Basic Technology Development Project for next-generation vaccines.

Rznomics said it has been recognized for its technology for the company's new circular ribonucleic acid (RNA) structure platform.

According to the company, the circular RNA structure was developed to allow self-circularization to occur during transcriptional reactions in vitro. In addition, it is more stable than messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), which is a linear structure, so its efficacy lasts for a long time. It is expected to be applied to various fields including vaccines and therapies.

"It is an independent platform technology that can overcome patent issues of mRNA therapy and vaccine technologies," said Seong-wook, Lee, CEO of Rznomics. "Through cooperative research with groups which has delivery technology, we will optimize it to be applied to various fields such as RNA vaccines and therapy."