GCBiopharma·Mogam Bio Research, Rznomics cooperate to develop new RNA drugs

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GC Biopharma (CEO Eun-Chul Huh) and MOGAM Institute for Biomedical Research (CEO Jeong Jae-wook, hereafter referred to as MOGAM) announced on the 11th of June that they had signed an agreement with Rznomics Inc. (CEO Lee Seong-wook) to jointly develop a treatment for intractable diseases based on a next-generation ribonucleic acid (RNA) platform.

This agreement is about cooperation not only for joint research for the development of therapeutic agents, but also for the exchange of material and human resources necessary for the development process.

In this process, Rznomics will be in-charge of developing next-generation technology that can be applied to rare intractable diseases based on its own RNA platform. Rznomics is a new drug development company based on ‘trans-ribozyme’. Which its main business is the development of gene therapy for cancer and intractable diseases.

MOGAM has the research base capability on disease mechanisms and models (in vitro/in vivo), and will cooperate organically with Rznomics to derive drug candidates based on the technology and research capabilities acquired through mRNA and drug delivery research. In addition, GC Biopharma will provide resources and know-how necessary for clinical research and commercialization.

Through this collaboration, we will develop next-generation RNA technology based on our unique platform technology and spur the development of innovative therapeutics,” said Seong-wook Lee, CEO of Rznomics.

Jung Jae-wook, head of the MOGAM institute, said, “We will work closely with collaborators to develop a treatment based on the excellent basic research capabilities of the MOGAM Institute.”

Heo Eun-cheol, CEO of GC biopharma, said, “We will continue to seek various opportunities for cooperation to meet unmet needs in the treatment of intractable diseases.”